Eco Tourism

$349 / Day

Known as the Ecotourism destination of The Bahamas, Andros’ abundant natural resources make it a conservation priority for many organizations.

When it comes to exploring nature, The Bahamas has plenty to offer. The Islands play host to some of the most intriguing, exotic and mysterious natural phenomena on the planet.

Among Andros’ jewels are the Westside National Park, the largest in the country and a nursery for numerous marine and wildlife species; the most blue holes in the Western Hemisphere, prompting many explorations of those unique geological formations; the world’s third largest fringing barrier reef; and the Caribbean Pine Forest, an important feeding, breeding, and nesting habitat for resident and migratory birds. The island is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with rare species like the endemic Bahama Oriole, only found here. Winding creeks and wetlands hide protected wildlife, including the Andros iguana, along with 20 varieties of wild orchids and land crabs. Guided tours will help you discover these and other memorable sights.

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