Snorkling Andros Island


Andros Island is Wonderfully Natural

It’s said that Andros Island is “The Bahamas’ most extraordinary natural wonder.”  The wonder starts with the earth’s third-largest barrier reef along its shores.  Beyond the Andros barrier reef is the miledeep Tongue of the Ocean abyss, which is rimmed with coral at the drop-off, then filled with pelagic species such as marlin and sharks, plus whales and dolphins.  Underwater caves filled with water, perforate the island of Andros.

On this Bahamian island you’ll find a series of oceanic versions of blue holes. These caverns and caves reach deep into the dark shadows of the earth, mixing fresh and salt water. In the light that surrounds these entrances to the blue netherworld, life gathers in battalions. In about 20 feet of water, coral gardens form a ring around the holes. There, dozens of stingrays frolic; swarms of French grunts and lumbering Caribbean reef sharks amble past; schools of jacks swirl and circle over the entrances; and barracuda hover over the scene.

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