Local Shopping

$199 / 4 Hour

Andros is known for its signature straw craft available in most settlements, particularly Red Bay and the Fresh Creek area. You can also take home freshly harvested sponges, wood carvings of miniature racing sloops and other distinctive collectibles created by local artisans. But the island’s signature product is Androsia—a colorful, locally made batik – a colorful Bahamian hand-dyed cotton fabric, with designs inspired by elements found in the island’s environment and Bahamian culture.

The art of basket weaving has been passed down through the generations among residents of the small Red Bays settlement in North Andros. Red Bays’ baskets are crafted from the top stems of silver thatch palms, locally referred to as ‘top’. The top is dried, stripped, and then sewn into beautiful, sturdy baskets and straw accessories that have many uses. These uniquely styled baskets are crafted nowhere else in The Islands of The Bahamas, or the rest of the world, and are part of the rich cultural legacy of the Black Seminoles of Red Bays.

Browse the shelves while Mr. Gordon Higgs works hard at chipping and carving beautiful hand made structures from mere wood. His work is very detailed, neat and realistic. His skill is completely mesmerizing . These authentically carved items are definitely one of a kind and are a must have for every collector.

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